Clarity Calls

Book your 60-minute clarity call and walk away with an action plan to help you get where you need to go in your biz

Want to chat with a professional, full-time freelance writer? Wish you could pick the brain of someone who earns six figures a year while travelling the world as a full-time nomad?

Hi, I’m Rachael and I’m a copywriter and content writer with 7 years of freelance experience writing for global SaaS and tech brands like Amazon, Stripe, and Uber. I also worked with a big fruit company on their Super Bowl marketing campaign. That was fun!

So how did I go from a nobody in New Zealand, with zero freelancing experience, to somebody that can close $50k projects with massive software companies—without breaking a sweat?

Am I special? Am I super smart? Am I a nepo baby?

Sadly…none of the above.

I wish I had a short answer, or even a clever answer. But the fact is, I’ve made a lot of dumb mistakes, and wasted a lot of time and money to get where I am now.

I’ve also made some seriously smart moves in my business that helped me get ahead (and stay ahead) of a lot of my competitors.

I’m sharing everything I’ve learned so far in my Circle community and newsletter to help make life a little easier for writers that are looking to level up their freelance game.

And if you need some 1:1 advice, I’m here for you!

So…what kinds of things can we talk about during your 60-minute call?

Honestly, anything you like. This is your chance to vent, get excited, get unstuck, get validation on ideas, and generally lay everything out on the table for us to figure out together.

Got questions? Want to know if you’re on the right track? Need some friendly advice from someone that’s been there and done that? I got you.

Here’s a few suggestions about things I can help you with:

  • Finding clients
  • Goal setting & planning
  • Marketing yourself online
  • Personal branding
  • Niching down
  • Networking online
  • Balancing work & a nomad lifestyle
  • Creating & monetizing side income streams
  • Client management
  • Project management
  • Mindset
  • Time management

There’s one more thing you should know: this is a paid call where you can tap into all my expertise over 7 years of business.

Time (yours and mine) is valuable, and it’s something neither of us can get back. If I jumped on a free call with everyone who wanted to pick my brain this week, I would have literally spent *checks notes* 21 hours on calls.

I write for some pretty big clients these days, and as an introvert I need to protect my time and energy levels. Clarity calls aren’t my main focus, but I REALLY love helping other freelancers get unstuck in their businesses. I just have to be sensible about how I balance everything.

Think of your clarity call as an investment in your future business. 

I take these 1:1 calls as seriously as you do, and I do a ton of forward planning to make every call as valuable as possible.

For this reason, I don’t take calls with people who have zero writing experience, or people who aren’t absolutely 100000% invested in growing their freelance business.

If you don’t feel like this is for you yet, that’s totally fine. I recommend you get started by reading some of the existing blog posts about freelancing to see if your questions are answered in there, or you can join the Mighty Freelancer Community, which is a great way to get advice from experts and meet other writers at the same time 🙂

To purchase your Clarity Call, enter your details below. Once that’s done, a link to my calendar will be sent to you so you can book a time that suits you.

Can’t wait to talk with you!