Newsletter #15 – How To Become An Email Copywriter

​Hey everyone,


You know when you have a great idea for an article, and you ask all your badass copywriter colleagues if they can spend some time to help you out, but then you get derailed by literally everything in the universe, and then it’s 4 months later?

Yeah…so that happened.


Juggling a freelance business, a bunch of ongoing side projects, and life in general ain’t easy, I tells ya.

Why is there no “struggle bus” emoji yet?

Anyway – this shiny new Q&A article is finally Grammarlied to perfection and ready for your viewing pleasure.​


Deliver A+ writing to your clients every time

Grammarly’s new AI-powered desktop app gives you suggestions to improve your spelling, grammar, tone, and clarity as you work – whether you’re in social media, documents, messages, or emails.



You’re about to get 9,000 words of straight-up, awesome advice on how to start and grow an email copywriting business – direct from the fast & furious fingers of some of the coolest freelancers I know.

Whether you’re a new writer, switching niches, or you just want to paddle around in some email copy for a bit to see if you like itβ€”there’s a ton of information in this article for you.​

Click here to read it now (or bookmark it for later!) >>​​

PS. Don’t forget to connect with everyone in this article on LinkedIn to help you grow your freelance network :)​​​

Memes Of The Week

​​​​​I’m putting together a short course to help you find more (and better!) clients. Without spending hours each week on cold emails.
I’ll walk you through the exact system I use to find clients I know can pay my ratesβ€”so it will be super easy for you to take these processes and put them to work in your own business.

​Click here to get notified when this launches in June.

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