Newsletter #10 – Expert Edition: How To Make $100k to $400k writing content

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right – Henry Ford​​

Hey everyone – and especially to the 451 new subscribers that joined this week, I appreciate you!​

This week is a short email, but a BIG read.If you’re wondering what your earning potential is as a freelance content writer, this article is about to blow your mind.

Not literally—you need those brain cells.

It’s taken me and seven other writers three weeks to put this together—and if it helps one single person to change their views about what’s possible in their business, I will be explodingly, ginormously, happy.

Even I uttered a “WHAAAAAT?!” reading what some of these content writers are making in their business.​

You’re about to learn how freelance content writers
* Bani Kaur
* Kaleigh Moore
* Masooma Memon
* Michael Keenan
* Stephanie Trovato
* Jessica Lam Hill Young
* Kat Boogard

have scaled their income to $100k…$200k…$300k and $400k

They’ve generously shared how they price their services, how their projects are structured, what their workload looks like, and the strategies and resources they’ve used to reach multiple six figures and scale their businesses.​

Enjoy the read, and please let me know if it helps you in any way!

Earning $100k-$400k as a freelance content writer

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